• November 28, 2022

UK Man guilty of trying to buy Grenades on Dark Web

A man was found guilty of attempting to get grenades and Semtex explosives from an undercover FBI agent on the dark web.

Mohammed Humza, 29, of Watford UK, failed to turn up for his trial at the Old Bailey on Monday and has been suspected of traveling to Kashmir in Pakistan.

The trial went forward in his absence, and the jury reached a guilty verdict by a majority of 11 to one.

Mrs. Justice McGowan stated Humza’s recent whereabouts was a “mystery.”

She said: “He might have left the country. On the other hand, he might be saying he’s left the nation to be able to deter police from looking for him.”

The judge said the sentencing for the offense of trying to possess explosive materials for unlawful purposes, which Humza had formerly denied, could depend on if it was connected with terrorism.

The court heard Humza, going by the username mh.nn243, had approached an FBI agent posing as a vendor on dark web market AlphaBay in summertime 2016.

In a message to the vendor in July 2016, mh.nn243 asked: “What is the best price you can do to two grenades with postage to the UK?”


The consumer then offered to pay $115 per piece for four grenades and ask about payment options, the court heard.

They also talked about the price of delivery to “Watford” and “Hertfordshire,” but the deal wasn’t completed.

In early August, Humza contacted the representative again, and the pair agreed on a deal for two grenades, the court heard.

On 6 August, mh.nn243 then moved Bitcoin funds to be paid when the deal was finished.

Jurors were told Humza arranged for the goods to be shipped to his address in Fuller Road but beneath his neighbor’s title.

Later, after being advised by the representative, he was out of stock of grenades, and with his Bitcoin refunded, the user tried to purchase Semtex and a fuse detonator.

The court heard that Humza had previous convictions for theft and fraud but no terror-related offenses.

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