This is what it costs to purchase malware over the Dark Web

The Dark Web is filled with websites for selling illegal products, known as dark web markets. In them, products like weapons, drugs and malware and hacking tools.
The security firm CyberNews has examined the cost to purchase malware in these markets, and the truth is that not only are they really affordable, but they’re also quite easy to buy.

In actuality, many are so cheap they are free. Additionally, You do not have to know anything about programming to use the malware offered on the Dark Web, As they’re made for everyone to use. Among these, we find encrypted Trojans who aren’t detectable by antivirus, customized ransomware, or even remote online crime classes.

Most of this fundamental malware Is sold in all sorts of markets. Still, there are other more innovative forums in which you can only enter by invitation, and where innovative tools are offered within reach of just a few. A number of these private networks are handled from Eastern Europe.

Among the open portals claims to provide “the world’s largest record of hacking forums and communities”, Also arranged by language. Among those hacking portals, there are over 360,000 articles with talk about all types of tools.

Many programmers send samples of newly created malware to members of these forums for feedback, either privately or openly, for other buyers to view. The majority of those developers are from countries where cyber-crime laws aren’t too harsh, and in which there are not many professional opportunities to flourish at a “real” job.

Malware sold on the Dark Web
Data theft
One of the most popular malware is information theft Trojans, such as passwords, cookies, browsing history, bank information, chat history, or webcam pictures. They vary in cost from $50 to $150 and provide technical support.

RAT, or remote access Trojans
A RAT allows a person to take control of a victim’s computer, such as installing additional applications, taking photographs with the webcam, or seeing what the victim is doing at all times. Its price rises until it’s between $800 and $1,000, with technical support available.

Modular malware bots
Modular malware is designed to launch distinct malware based on the sufferer and the target of this attack. By way of instance, they may only need to record the victim’s keystrokes on the keyboard using a keylogger and steal their passwords, or they might want to go for possible cryptocurrency wallets. Its price ranges from $400 to $600 Though the complete bundles can reach $2,500. And additionally, it offers technical support.

Ransomware Builders
These are the most dangerous because they encrypt all of the content of the user’s computers and request ransoms in exchange for deciphering it. It’s important to notice that the password is almost never given because the mails to which the evidence of payment must be sent are usually available for a brief time. Additionally, most end up being able to be decrypted with tools introduced by antivirus companies.

The curious thing about this ransomware is it is sold as a subscription service, along with offering the essential tools for users to make their own. Its cost is $800 for one month and $ 2,500 for a lifetime subscription. They provide technical service.

Banking Trojans
These are the most dangerous and expensive since they are the most complicated to create. They are usually camouflaged as actual applications, including such as in programs that are downloaded from torrent or piracy web pages. Once installed, Trojans can get the user’s bank information and send them to the attacker. Its cost is about $5,000 And, naturally, they give technical service.

So the conclusions are that It’s too easy to purchase malware on the dark web. It Can be completed in minutes, even at no cost, and the developers provide detailed guides even for the inexperienced. Many innovative tools can be found for as little as $50, where complimentary technical support and upgrades are even given in the event malware begins to be detected by antivirus. Becoming a cyber-criminal is simpler than ever in 2020, where generating malware, encrypting it, and distributing it over the network can be done in only one day.

And The worst thing is that not much could be done to prevent This circumstance, but you always have to behave passively and see what malware starts to circulate through the networks to stop it as soon as possible.

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