• February 2, 2023

The effect of the dark web on your security

The dark web is filled with harmful substances, but how does this impact your security directly?

The dark web is a mysterious place with a mad standing. Contrary to belief, locating the dark web is not tricky. But learning how to navigate it safely can be, particularly if you don’t know what you are doing or what to expect.

Hackers and scammers use the anonymity that the dark web gives them to launch attacks on a broad assortment of targets, including consumers and businesses.

Darkwebmagazine talked to Echosec Systems James Villeneuve about dark web threats, intelligence gathering, and security planning.

How Do Dark Web Threats Affect Corporate Security Planning?

The dark web is an ever-present backdrop for security planning. Just as cybersecurity firms don’t underestimate the power of the dark web – that is, the forums, users, and organizations lurking there – corporate security planning weighs those threats in their security planning.

James Villeneuve says:

Business security teams can’t turn a blind eye to the growing threat landscape around the deep web and the dark web. With big corporations likely to experience one crisis annually, security planning must identify where these disasters are arising from online and start creating a more proactive approach to monitoring.

Can Security Teams Actively Search the Dark Web for Threats?

Among the biggest draws of the dark web are solitude and anonymity. First, you can just get into the dark web links using specialized applications, like the Tor Browser. This program comes equipped with the specific routing and solitude add-ons necessary to get the Tor network.

The structure of this dark web is intended to maintain the sites, services, and consumers anonymous. When you use Tor to get the darknet, your internet traffic goes through several anonymous nodes from the computer to the website that you want to go to.

What’s more, the dark web is not indexed in exactly the exact same manner as the regular internet. Websites on the Tor network do not use the DNS system the normal internet uses.

Assessing the dark web for risks, then, requires special tools. By way of instance, Echosec Beacon is a technical threat intelligence tool that scans dark web markets for a stolen certificate, leaked info, and illegal goods find data breaches and can provide early warning and insight into discussions concerning certain organizations on dark web forums.

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