NordVPN Added A Feature That Monitors Leaked Data On Dark Web

NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor scans for leaked data

NordVPN has launched a new tool that will scan the dark web to decide whether an individual’s personal credentials are exposed. Famous for its traditional VPN solution, NordVPN also incorporates other privacy and security features to maintain its users safe.

The Dark Web Monitor identifies when a user’s data are being shared online and sends an alert in real-time. The service is very important, given that online users now have several accounts that they will need to keep secure. Unfortunately, password fatigue could lead to individuals reusing credentials across multiple accounts.

This means that attackers can compromise a plethora of platforms with only one breached password.

No effort required

When NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor finds leaked data, it informs users immediately so that they can alter the relevant passwords before cyber attackers cause any harm. The newest feature is available now for users of the latest edition of the NordVPN iOS program and is expected to arrive for Android users in the not too distant future.

The Dark Web Monitor provides a similar service to the ‘Are I Pawned’ sites but requires no manual effort on the user’s part. The dark web scanning runs continuously within the instrument which NordVPN customers are already utilizing.

Other announcements made recently by NordVPN include the launching of NordPass’ Data Breach Scanner, the construction of new co-located servers and the unveiling of split-tunneling performance coming soon for Windows users.

“Your information might be available somewhere on the dark web without you even knowing. And it is impossible to protect yourself when you do not know where the danger is coming from. That is where NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor measures in,” Vykintas Maknickas, a product strategist in NordVPN, explained. “It does the job for you by scanning the dark web and alerting you about vulnerable credentials. By doing this, you can take action immediately to protect yourself.”

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