• December 2, 2020

More and more Americans are using the Dark Web

Almost a third of Americans accessed the Dark Web daily in 2019

Despite the Dark Web’s mostly negative connotation, new research from PreciseSecurity.com has revealed that more than thirty percent of North Americans used it regularly during 2019.

This past year saw a growing number of people starting to use the Dark Web as a way of keeping their online activity hidden from governments and telecoms.

The Dark Web itself is made up of websites on the web that can’t be found through traditional search engines. Instead, users must rely on specific software like the Tor browser, configurations, or authorization to access these sites.

  • The dark web represents just a fraction of the rest of the internet
  • More than 1,500 Ring passwords have already been found on the dark web
  • BBC News launches Tor mirror site

PreciseSecurity.com’s 2019 survey show that North America is the leading region when it comes to daily using the Dark Web. The firm’s findings revealed that 26 percent of North Americans admitted to using the Dark Web daily while another seven percent accessed it at least one time a week.

Dark Web Usage

North American may take the top spot in terms of Dark Web usage, but Latin America was not far behind at second on PreciseSecurity.com’s list, with 21 percent of respondents telling they browse the dark web daily while thirteen percent said they did so weekly. Europe took third place with 17 percent of citizens using the Dark Web daily and an additional 11 percent accessing it at least one time a week.

The 2019 survey showed that online anonymity was the most common reason behind users to access the Dark Web. Almost 40 percent of respondents used it over the last year to stay anonymous on the web, and 26 percent said they used it to retrieve content unavailable in their location even though using a VPN Service will be far easier.

Nearly twenty-five percent of North Americans used the Dark Web to make sure their privacy from foreign governments, and another 38 percent used it to protect their privacy from internet companies.

Of these surveyed who don’t use Tor or access the Dark Web, almost 50 percent of respondents globally stated that they didn’t because they don’t know how to while 45 percent said that they had no reason for doing so.

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