Man from New Zealand has been jailed after trying to buy a 3-year-old girl on Dark Web

The infamous dark web pedophile is a New Zealand citizen.

Aaron Hutton of New Zealand was sentenced to five years in prison for trying to purchase a three-year-old girl to be a sex slave. The sale has been arranged via the dark web. But, Hutton had no idea that the Digital Child Exploitation Team in the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) organized the sale.

Hatton was accused of trying to communicate with a minor to sexually exploit her. The authorities also found around 417 files of malicious content in the accused, including folders titled Sick and Twisted, Pure Evil and Darkness.

Auckland District Court sentenced the accused on Friday. He had been arrested after a joint investigation by the New Zealand police and the UK DIA.
A Serial Offender

According to police sources, the 36-year-old Hutton used the username ‘KiwiPedo’ on the dark web. Between Jan 13 and Feb 20, 2015, Hutton liaised with many different users on the dark web, assuming that they had been fellow pedophiles.

Hutton needed them to arrange a kid for him. In fact, he had been connected with undercover investigators from the DIA. The researchers used a tracing tool to find his computer, traced at an office in Auckland by mid-2015. A search warrant was executed shortly after that.

$15,000 To get a Sex Slave

Reportedly, Hutton offered to pay $15K for a girl under 7-years old. He was looking for a person who could ‘visitors’ minors globally on the dark web. An agent from the DIA posed as a dark web user. Both Hutton and the broker communicated regularly.

According to sources, Hutton once asked about how the ‘hunt’ for the child was progressing and, in another message, he explained that:

In terms of the trafficking still keen just trying to arrange my life so that I can accept the merchandise.

Accused Pleaded Guilty

Hutton’s lawyer claimed his client never intended any assembly or exchanged money with anyone concerning the fee. Moreover, he also said that he knew the person he had been speaking with was an investigator, with whom he had been hoping to participate in a ‘game of cat and mouse’ simply to waste his time.

Regarding the objectionable substances that the police found in his computer, Hutton asserts that it was a government document dump that was passed to him. However, once the court heard him talking with an agent and intending to meet a 7-year-old girl, he had no other option but to plead guilty.

While Legislation Hutton, Judge Roberts said that he needed a ‘dreadful purpose’ and harbored an ‘unhealthy interest’ in under-age women.

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