• December 2, 2020

Drug Dealer From New Zealand Admits His Part in Importing Drugs Using The Dark Web

A 33-year-old Christchurch guy has admitted his part in importing ecstasy and methamphetamine ordered within the dark web from Holland and the USA.

Timothy Robert Fearn was living at a Bromley address and worked at an anatomist stable in mid-2016 when the deals arrived.

He admitted two costs of importing the course A medication methamphetamine as well as the class B drug ecstasy and offering both drugs in the Christchurch Region Court on Fri. Some offenses had been alleged, and representative fees had been laid, indicated repeated offending.

After Fearn’s guilty pleas, Judge Jane Farish remanded him on bail for sentencing on March 25 he requested a pre-sentence record which would consider his suitability for home detention, and a drugs and alcohol assessment.

The Crown told the court New Zealand Traditions operated an email screening service in the International Mail Center at Auckland Airport terminal, which checked international postal articles and freight courier items.

The operation from Might to Sept 2016, where Fearn and two other folks were arrested, was called Procedure Skillet. The various other two have been wholly sentenced.

The Crown said the drugs had been ordered online using “dark web” underground sites. Items were increasingly paid for using Bitcoin, which has been seen to end up like cash online.

“It’s quite common for the importer of the goods to make use of false or fictitious brands, but to make use of addresses, they have some control more than to allow them to retrieve the things when it arrives.”

Deals containing ecstasy and methamphetamine were intercepted on the International Email Center and addressed to Fearn’s address with someone else’s name onto it, or even to other addresses.

Customs intercepted a complete of 27 grams of methamphetamine and 3.6 grams of ecstasy.

In his interview, Fearn denied being involved with ordering the drugs online but said he previously given money to some other offender to help significantly with payment for the drugs which see your face had ordered.

He admitted he knew the deals he was expecting contained drugs and said he’d make use of some himself, and offer the rest. Text messages entirely on his cellular phone indicated drug dealing.

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