• February 2, 2023

Dark Web Markets Increased Their Dominance On 2020

According to the latest Global Drug Survey, the proportion of people who reported purchasing their drugs from dark web vendors has tripled since 2014.

More people are buying their drugs on the dark web than at any other time in recorded history, according to the findings of the most recent Global Drug Survey (GDS).

Researchers found that in 2020, 15 percent of GDS participants reported using drugs in the past 12 months obtained from dark web markets – either by buying them first-hand or via somebody else. This equated to a threefold increase in the proportion of people who reported the exact same in 2014 when the survey first started measuring the tendency.

Over the past seven years, that number has steadily increased, but not as significantly as it did in 2020: jumped by four percent of the economists in comparison to 2019 levels. Along with the global pandemic is just part of the motive.

Dr. Monica Barratt, a senior research fellow at Melbourne’s RMIT University and co-lead researcher at the GDS, told Darkwebmagazine that cultural trends, changing taboos, market innovators, and an increasing population of people who invest more of their lives online are likely contributors to the substantial growth in a dark web drug offense.

“If you are coming of age in 2021 – state you are 18 or 19 years old – this is not that odd for you; there have been 10 years since Silk Road was set in 2011, which means you have kind of grown up with it,” Dr. Barratt explained over the telephone. “Partly, I think, that cultural gap and the generational difference may explain why this is occurring.

“If you purchase everything on the internet, why wouldn’t you buy your drugs online?”

It’s for this latter reason, particularly, she suggests, that dark web drug markets might have attracted new clients in 2020 than any prior year.

“When you consider it, in the past 12 months, there were lots of people who were not really excited about purchasing things online, but who had to purchase things online because they had no option; the stores were not open, and they had been in lockdown, and they had to use the article to get the goods,” she mentioned. “I think once they get over that hump, a few people will decide that they wish to continue not going shopping for clothes and just using the Internet–they might feel the same way about everything.”

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