A Man From Florida Arrested By FBI For Sending Child Pornography to Middle School Students

A Jupiter man charged of sending child pornography to multiple Stuart Middle School students will be held in federal detention as he faces a charge of distribution of child pornography, a judge ruled this week.

Coltin Plummer, 27, of Jupiter, was arrested following an FBI investigation that identified six minor victims in Stuart and a minor victim in South Carolina, courtroom records show.

Officials assisted the FBI with the Martin County and Palm Beach County sheriff’s offices.

During a detention hearing Tuesday in Fort Pierce, U.S. Magistrate Judge Shaniek M. Maynard rejected pleas by Plummer, and his Jupiter parents to allow him to remain free on bond.

In an order released Friday, Maynard stated, “Simply no condition or a mixture of conditions will fairly assure the protection of other persons and the community if the defendant (Plummer) is released.”
“The weight of the evidence against Plummer, Maynard noted, “is significant at this stage of the proceedings.”

“Relating to that evidence, the defendant sent child pornography and obscene pictures to several preteen kids verbally threatened to rape two of them. He asked one of them whether they wanted to see his gun and sent one of them a screenshot of her location to show that he knew where she lives,” Maynard wrote.

“This presents a significant danger to minors in the community, and there are no conditions that the court could set that would sufficiently reduce that danger.”

Maynard also cited evidence that Plummer targeted a 12-year-old girl in York County, South Carolina, via Snapchat and attempted “to force her to send him nude pictures of herself.”

“At some point, he told her, ‘I know where you sleep, I’ll just rape you,'” Maynard wrote.

Relating to a federal criminal affidavit, upon Feb. 7, the assistant principal of Stuart Middle School called Martin County Sheriff’s Office deputies after four students came to her about an unknown Snapchat user sending them inappropriate sexual messages and videos.

Two additional students told law enforcement officers; they also got messages and videos from an unknown Snapchat user.

A task force officer with the FBI got a state search warrant for Snapchat for the identity and location of the seven Snapchat accounts that were sending the inappropriate girl’s messages.

According to the affidavit, Snapchat provided the FBI officer an IP address, which linked to Plummer’s mother’s address in Jupiter, where Plummer lived.

Federal agents served a search warrant at the Jupiter home of Plummer’s mom, where he was found and taken into custody. Plummer told FBI officers he used his mobile phone to download and save the child pornography pictures he sent students he’d accessed from the dark web.

Officers found multiple inappropriate pictures of kids on Plummer’s mobile phone. He admitted creating multiple Snapchat accounts to send porn material to users he doesn’t know.

In her detention order, Maynard noted Plummer had no criminal history and worked at Southern Exposure Corporations Companies, a barn and fencing company.

Records show Plummer’s parents, who, along with his sister, appeared with him in the courtroom, requested he is released and offered to be co-signatures on a bond.

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