• December 4, 2020

Trusted & Verified Dark Web Vendors List

As you know, in the Dark Web, there are a lot of vendors and markets that are a scam. We make sure to update our Scam List daily so that our users do not fall into one of these scams.

Many users ask us if we have a list of Trusted Dark Web Sites of various services such as Financial Services, Hacking Services, Weapon Stores, Electronics Store, Passports, Counterfeited Money, Drugs Vendors, etc.

Especially when markets like dream market, empire market, and others have been shut down because of DDoS attacks, shut down by law enforcement, or just done an exit scam, our users want stable vendors who are active for a long time no issues.

After an in-depth search, communication with various vendors, and performing our reliability tests, we created a list of a wide range of vendors for all types of products and services that our users are looking to purchase on the dark web. The vendors in this list allow payments to be made through verified Clearnet escrow services, and thus, both parties are protected in every transaction.

List Updated – December 04, 2020

If you are tired of losing money to scammers every time, purchase our list and get the list of trusted and verified vendors.


  • 7 Financial Services (Credit Cards – Prepaid | Fullz | Cloned, PayPal Accounts \ Transfers, Money Transfers, Cash App, Gift Cards And More.) Sites
  • 3 Weapons (Pistols, Rifles, Ammunition, Accessories) Stores
  • 3 Electronics Stores (Cell Phones, Computers, Game Consoles, Hardware and More)
  • 5 Hacker Services Sites
  • 3 Ransomware Software Vendors
  • 2 Fixed Matches Sellers Sites
  • 3 Passports, ID’s and Documents Stores
  • 6 Counterfeited Money (USD, EUR, GBP Bills) Store
  • 8 Drugs Stores
  • 3 Jewelry and Gold Stores
  • 3 Clearnet Cryptocurrency Escrow Services (Accept Darknet Transactions)

* The list has been updated and contains a greater number of different vendors. (All previous buyers will receive the update at no additional cost)

NOTICE: All vendors on this list allow you to make payment using reliable clearnet escrow service

Price: $250
Payment via BTC , LTC , DASH , ETH

After the payment is confirmed, the list will automatically be sent to your email address


Q: How soon will I receive the list after I have made the payment?
A: The list will be sent automatically to the email address you provided on the order form after the bitcoin transaction receives 3 confirmations.

Q: How do I purchase the list?
A: On this page you have to click on the button “$250.00 – BUY NOW”, fill in the necessary details, Choose the cryptocurrency you want to pay with – we support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum, and click “Purchase” then you will be taken to the payment page where the amount of bitcoin and the wallet address to which the payment should be sent will appear. Make the payment and wait for the payment confirmation to be sent to your email.

Q: Is it possible to purchase only a few links for a reduced price?
A: No, the list is sold as is.

Q: Is the list updated and all the links working?
A: The list is updated and we check the links every day. In addition to this from time to time we add to the list new vendors who have been tested and found to be reliable. Previous buyers get the updates at no extra cost.

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