Dark Web Social Media Sites Links

Dark Web Social Media Sites Links List

On this page, you can find updated links to dark web social media sites where you can communicate anonymously with the members of the site without having to verify your selfie photo, phone number, or home address. The dark web social networks provide an alternative to services such as Facebook and Twitter. Please check our Dark Web Scam List to make sure you are not browsing a scam site.

Please Note: We recommend using CyberGhost VPN Service when you want to browse the Dark Web. Using a VPN with Tor Browser will give you the best level of security and privacy.

Social Media Sites Links List:

1. Facebook

There is no need to explain to you who Facebook is because it is one of the most popular social networks on the web, with 2.45 billion monthly active users. As part of the growing use of the tor network, Facebook launched its Platform under Onion address. In the following link, you can browse Facebook’s official website through the Tor Network.
Link: https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/

2. Connect

Connect is a dark web social network with similar functions to Facebook, but they allow you to use their platform anonymously without the need to identify your personal information. In Connect, you can add and talk to new friends, share and read posts on the timeline, open and join pages and groups, and more.
Link: http://connectkjsazkwud.onion/

3. Galaxy3

Galaxy3 is a social network whose main page acts as a kind of post wall for all site users. If you want to write new posts or open and join new blogs and groups, you will need to register. Galaxy3 is a very active social network with over 1800 pages updated with new posts and blogs every hour.
Link: http://galaxy3m2mn5iqtn.onion/

4. Atlayo

Atlayo is a social network that integrates Facebook and Twitter functions into one platform. You will find on this social network News Feed similar to Facebook’s Timeline with the option to open and join new pages and groups, and also, you can search for the popular hashtags. We haven’t looked into this social network extensively, but from what we’ve reviewed, it seems to be an active social network, and users regularly update the news feed posts.
Link: http://atlayofke5rqhsma.onion/

5. Raddle

Raddle mentions in design and its functions the popular social network Reddit. On this site, you can open, read, comment, and vote up or down posts and join and set up new sub-forums on the site.
Link: http://lfbg75wjgi4nzdio.onion/

6. Cave Tor – SCAM!

Cave Tor is a social network where you can publish posts and articles, join and open communities, and blogs. But in addition to that at Cave Tor, you will find many banners and suggestions from various scammers as they also offer fake escrow service.
Link: http://cavetord6bosm3sl.onion/

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