Dark Web Hitman Services Links

Dark Web Hitman Services Links List

As you know, some of the information available on the dark web is related to the field of Hitman rental services. On this page, you will find updated links to dark web hitman rental sites. It is important to note that the information provided on our website is for study or research purposes only, so any activity, whether it is legal or illegal, that you undertake will be your full responsibility. We recommend that you check our Dark Web Scam List to make sure you are not browsing in the scammer site.

Read THIS Article before you think about trying to hire hitman services on the dark web

Please Note: We recommend using CyberGhost VPN Service when you want to browse the Dark Web. Using a VPN with Tor Browser will give you the best level of security and privacy.

Hitman Services Links List:

1. Dark Mamba (SCAM!)This team presents itself as a private military that provides Hitman services for Bitcoin payment. Also, you can pay using escrow service according to what they indicate on their site.
http://darkmambazsmnkjo.onion/ (The design of the site looks a little different but very similar to the first link so in our opinion it is the same team)

2. Azerbaijani Eagles (SCAM!)Azerbaijani Eagles is a team engaged with killing contracts through the dark web. Registration is required to contact them. They accept bitcoin and monero payments. As they write on their site, you can use escrow if you pay with Bitcoin.

3. 18th Street Gang (SCAM!)This site works as a marketplace of hitman rentals and offers its services worldwide. This marketplace accepts bitcoin and monero payments, and the escrow service is available as part of the site’s functions.
Link: http://h4gca3vb6v37awux.onion/

4. Assassination Network (SCAM!)Assassination network is the largest publicly available hitman for hire organization in the world. It is operating since 2011, with a 100% success rate and no arrests.
Link: http://assassinuyy7h425.onion/

Note: Use a VPN service when browsing the Dark Web

5. Vanetti Mob Network (SCAM!)It is a website that serves as a middleman between the customer and Hitmans and runs from 2017. They accept payment via Bitcoin, litecoin, and monero in addition to what they write on the site, and the payment go through multi-signature escrow.
Link: http://assassinuyy7h425.onion/

6. The Black MOB (SCAM!)An underground group of ex-military corps, ex-special forces, and trained assassins sponsored by the Chechen Mob, They have agents from Russia, Albania, Ukraine, The United States, and its minor outlying islands.
Link: http://blkmobbzqjhpn232.onion/

7. HITMAN CONNECT (SCAM!)This is a site that offers assassin services, and as they write, they have assassins in 37 different countries with high capabilities in the field.
Link: http://ygrqgcnoodnqdmlc.onion/

8. Unione Corse (SCAM!)This is a site that offers hitman services that include the option to physically harm a person or alternatively kill him.
Link: http://corshcgdpn6gyexy.onion/

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could you tell me if hitman4hire(dot)torpress2sarn7xw(dot)onion is scam?