Dark Web Drugs Sites Links

Dark Web Drugs Sites Links List

On this page, you will find updated links to dark web drugs online stores. These dark web drugs sites offer the possibility to purchase prescription drugs and illegal drugs. We want to note that the information provided on this page is for study purposes only and any action you will take on these dark web drugs sites is your sole responsibility. We recommend accessing our Dark Web Scam List to check if the dark web site you are browsing is not a scam.

Please Note: We recommend using CyberGhost VPN Service when you want to browse the Dark Web. Using a VPN with Tor Browser will give you the best level of security and privacy.

Drugs Sites Links List:

1. SmokersCo

Cannabis and hash vendor from Europe who ships to a wide range of countries around the world (shipping areas listed on their website) and provides four types of cannabis and two types of hash along with buyer reviews and explanation about each strain.
Link: http://7tllqrhac6nugool.onion/

2. Empereor

Emperor is a drug chemical lab from China that sells chemicals, drugs and machines for making pills. This vendor does not seem so reliable since there are almost no reviews written on the products they provide.
Link: http://empererwidlf7kmb.onion/

3. Weed Way – SCAM!

Weed Way is an online store of various cannabis flowers that ship worldwide. Their cannabis prices are very cheap, this is a very big sign of scam. They do not provide PGP Key so contacting them is not so secure.
Link: http://weedway2vlaj37gy.onion/

4. BulkBrigade

BulkBrigade is a German vendor of cocaine, Lebanese hash, MDMA, LSD, prescription drugs, and amphetamines. Through their website, you can only order large quantities (starting at 100 g and above), but you can order small amounts through Apollon Market.
Link: http://empirab7cy7x3czp.onion/

5. Rosariococaine

Rosariococaine is an Argentine cocaine seller who offers his product only through his private website. This vendor enables orders from 1 kg or more. In searching the site, we did not find reviews from previous purchasers, so it is impossible to know what their level of service is and whether they are legit.
Link: http://rosarim5rwww6cxz.onion/

6. Ausbulk – SCAM!

Ausbulk is an Australian vendor of cocaine, MDMA, XTC, and heroin. We couldn’t find an explanation about their activity because the “About” page is inactive, and his site looks like the Bulkbrigade vendor site clone.
Link: http://ausbulkdoxtv4tkt.onion/

7. The Pot Shop

This is a dark web online store for cannabis products that offers a very large variety of flowers, seeds, and accessories. On this site, we did not find any reviews from buyers, so it is not possible to know the nature of the service of this site.
Link: http://tdupp6lmgnpex5ss.onion/


A site that offers various cannabis flowers does not provide any information regarding their activities, including delivery times and the way the product delivered.
Link: http://weedu6vbqo45xrjt.onion/

9. Steroid King – SCAM!

Steroid King is a supplier of steroids, hormones, men’s strength pills, and weight loss pills. Their site contains a large variety of products, but we did not find information about their operation. Also, there are no reviews from their buyers.
Link: http://xdsa5xcrrrxxxolc.onion/

10. WackyWeed

WackyWeed is a cannabis products vendor. This vendor site is well designed, but we did not find any information regarding their operation.
Link: http://wacky2yx73r2bjys.onion/

11. Western District – SCAM!

Western District presents itself as a drug market but does not provide information on what types of drugs they sell, prices, etc.
Link: http://v4t3ogtrdoe6ozkn.onion/

12. Peoples Drug Store

Peoples Drug Store sells cocaine, speed, XTC, MDMA, heroin, and more. On their website, you can find explanations about the ordering process, terms & delivery days, and payment options. They make worldwide shipping, and also, the US and Canadian residents can make payments via escrow services; moreover, you can send them encrypted emails by using their PGP Key.
Link: http://newpdsuslmzqazvr.onion/

13. DeDope

DeDope it’s a German weed store where you can find cannabis flowers and hash. Their website does not have payment, shipping, and refund information, so we do not know what the quality of their service.
Link: http://kbvbh4kdddiha2ht.onion/

14. DutchKingz

DutchKingz is a German drug vendor, or as they call it (Party Products), they make shipments to Europe and do not allow escrow payments. They enable ordering Free Sample plus they have a sub-topic in Dread where you can read previous buyer’s reviews.
Link: http://xxoztzov25ylcjrthsdoffkbaupyv47rdgdvngx6lri3ayh6vq3iewqd.onion/

15. Pushing Taboo

Pushing Taboo is a psychedelic drug store that offers the option to purchase LSD, DMT, and more. On their site, you can find an explanation of the products they sell, reviews of previous buyers, and the conditions for placing an order from them. Besides their site, you can also find them in the known forum and marketplace in the field of psychedelic drugs – “The Majestic Garden.”

16. QualityKing – SCAM!

QualityKing is a vendor of Benzos, Opioids, Prescription Pills, and Stimulants. Their site does not contain information about activity areas, terms of delivery, or previous customer reviews.
Link: http://quality2ui4uooym.onion/

17. Limaconnection – SCAM!

Peruvian cocaine vendor who claims to provide 90% pure cocaine and worldwide shipping, Only allows purchases of large quantities of 250 grams or higher, and samples cannot be purchased.
Link: http://limaconzruthefg4.onion/

18. Global Dreams

Global Dreams is a store that provides a purchase of a variety of different types of drugs such as cannabis, MDMA, hash, cocaine, and psychedelic drugs. Shipping can be made anywhere in the world, along with the lost shipping refund policy.
Link: http://ny4a6zwwmrvyjtlu.onion/

19. ElHerbolario

ElHerbolario is a cannabis product store and provides English, French, and German guides on how to place an order from the site. Payments for the products done by bitcoin, and you need to register and use JavaScript to place your order.
Link: http://elherbotsiddarol.onion/

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