• September 19, 2020

Here are the 2 Reasons Why Bitcoin Investors are Fleeing Exchanges

Bitcoin’s Extreme uptrend seen in the time after its mid-March Collapse has ushered in a substantial influx of new funds into the market – an indication that retail dealers mostly thought that the crypto was undervalued in its recent lows.

This can be seen while looking At the fact that margin traders have mostly moved to the sidelines while place traders take the reins.

Many of these place buyers have also been shifting their BTC Away from centralized exchanges and too cold storage pockets, and it seems that two principal factors are driving this trend.

Bitcoin Spot Traders Flee Crypto Exchanges as Rally Heats Up

Bitcoin’s volatile rally Seen throughout the last few months has reached a turning point as the crypto struggles to surmount its overhead resistance over the reduced -$9,000 area.

It is important to bear in mind that this current uptrend was driven primarily by place buying pressure from retail traders, which makes this movement different compared to margin-driven ones found in previous months.

It looks like the majority of those retail investors that drove this rally are carrying a long-term investment plan. Also, as data from the research platform, Glassnode demonstrates that exchange’s BTC accounts have dived throughout the course of the rebound.

Image Courtesy of Glassnode

This means that this Bitcoin has been transferred away from exchanges and Towards cold storage pockets – an indication that the investors that drove this motion are not planning to market their BTC anytime soon.

Here are the Two Main Factors Probably Driving This Trend

According to a recent study report from Arcane, it looks like two principal factors are driving the enormous decrease in exchanges’ BTC balances.

They Explain that the primary reason might be attributed to degrading trust in Centralized exchange programs, as many investors have blamed BTC’s Mid-March collapse on the BitMEX”hardware problems” that led investors to see an overwhelming cascade of liquidations.

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